What are Skins made of?

Skins are printed in high-resolution and full colour on premium grade adhesive-backed cast vinyl, then sealed with a protective laminate for long-lasting protection.

Cast vinyl is of notably higher quality and cost much more than the usual calendared vinyl used elsewhere. Unlike calendared vinyl, cast vinyl does not discolour, is much less prone to shrinkage over time, much thinner, can conform better to surface curves, and will last 7-9 years.

The laminate increases the overall strength of the Skin and makes it impossible to smudge or smear the design. It also ensures that the colour will remain bright and vibrant for over 5 years.

The unique weaved adhesive allows for fast, easy and accurate application. Mistakes and misalignments in the application process can be corrected by simply peeling off the Skin gently and reapplying. Minor creases and air bubbles can be flattened out with a finger.

The adhesive was also designed for goo-free removal. Just peel the Skin off when you want to remove it and marvel at how well the Skin has protected the surface over the years.

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