How do I use the wallpaper?

The wallpaper is pretty much just like any other image and can be synchronized to your phone like you would with your other photos. There are different ways to perform such a task:

  • Configure an email account on your phone, send the wallpaper to this email address, open the e-mail attachment on the phone and save it in the phone memory.
  • Synchronize the photo from your PC/Mac to the phone via either a cable or via bluetooth. Your phone should come with a specific software to do this and more detailed instructions are in your phone manual.
  • Email the wallpaper to your phone number. Some cellphone operators have an email address for each cellphone subscriber. For example, something like [email protected]
  • Right click on the image on your computer and select a bluetooth send. Search for your cellphone (ensure that bluetooth is switched on) and then select it as the recipient. 

Once you have the wallpaper on your phone, select it and use one of the options to "Apply as wallpaper". Alternatively, you may have to go to "Wallpaper" in your phone settings and select the wallpaper you want to apply.

If you are stuck, contact us and we'll help.

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